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When we say clean, we mean immaculate!

Proudly servicing Bucks, Chester, Berks and some of Montgomery Counties

Pooper Scooper

Residential Dog Waste Removal

Sit back and enjoy your most precious commodity, Time!


Getting started is very simple, just fill out a quote form and you do nothing else. We will send the pricing by email and/or text and if you accept, we get you on the schedule. We offer one-time, weekly, Bi-weekly or as often as you'd like. Our most popular frequency is weekly and the rate starts as low as $16 a visit.


With communication by text and auto-pay, our clients find the service extremely stress free and convenient.

A Dog Waste Station

Commercial Services

ATTENTION Property Managers & Community Managers!


If you have dealt with the very common complaint from your residents that neighbors are NOT picking up after their dogs, we have the solution for you. Let us help you maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the property. We install and maintain Doggie Waste Stations throughout the community, trail, park etc


Maintenance includes emptying the trash bags and restocking the waste bags. We also offer common area cleanings weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly.

Sanitizer and Deodorizer

Yard Sanitizer/Deodorizer

You may notice that there is a smell left in the yard even after we come to pick up the poop.


Our safe formula we use to Sanitize and Deodorize the grass, deck and patio will take care of the lasting smell as well as kill the pathogens and germs that are left behind from the poop.


We will have your property smelling fresh again in no time and your pups paws will be super clean!

Pet sitting

Daytime Pet Visits

Do you work away from home?


We can visit your house during the day to let your dog/dogs out, feed them, interact with them or whatever you need while you're at work.

Common Area Cleanup for HOA and Apartment Complexes

Common Area Cleanup

We visit your Community Weekly or Bi-weekly and make sure it is clean and presentable to staff, vendors, residents, and visitors during business hours. We perform litter/trash pickup and change common area trash bags.

Cat litter box cleaning

Cat Litter Box Cleaning

We scoop and clean any type of litter boxes.


We use your kitty litter and tools but provide our own bags. We bag up all waste and dispose in the receptacle of your choosing.

Lawn repair

Temporary Brown spot Treatment

Your Yard may have some brown spots as a result of dog waste or urine.


There is a temporary solution that can cover these up. This is a one-time service that temporarily covers the spots.


Clients usually call us for this service when they are having company and want to make the yard presentable.

Pick up and haul dog poop

Bucket Service

Weekly swap of sanitized buckets. You scoop, we dispose. $10.00 per week, add an additional $2 per additional bucket.

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