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  • Are you insured?
    Yes we are! We carry workers' compensation and liability insurance
  • Is satisfaction guaranteed?
    Yes- Yard Pawtrol has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our techs are very thorough and trained to make sure your property is clear of dog waste. If for any reason you are not happy with our service, let us know and we will come back out within 48 hours to fix the problem.
  • Is this service offered year around?
    We are servicing our clients Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall😁 All temperatures and most weather. The only time we will reschedule your service is if there is dangerous weather such as lightening, tornado warnings etc We do work in the snow but we don't come out once there is an inch or more due to the fact that we can't see it. All missed services in these conditions will be made up on a different day.
  • What residential services do you offer?
    Although cleaning dog poop is our main service, we offer a variety of other services to our clients. We can sanitize/deodorize your grass, patio, deck to get rid of the odors left behind from the waste and urine. We have a temporary brown spot treatment that doesn't permanently take care of the dead grass but if you are looking for a cosmetic fix, we can color the spots. We are doing daily check ins for pets who are home alone all day. If you are working outside of the house, we have 30 minute check ins for pets that are alone. It is up to you what we do in those 30 minutes, it could just be letting them outside for a break. CAT LITTER CLEANING- We will come to your home and clean/sanitize your cat liter box. We bring our own pet friendly cleaning supplies, you just leave the dirty box outside once weekly or monthly and we take care of the rest! Some clients have an extra "clean box" they us while we clean the other and they swap out each visit.
  • What is the cost of your services?
    Our pricing depends on the service and the frequency. Dog waste removal pricing starts at $16 a visit. The price will go up depending on the size of the yard and the number of dogs you have. We offer a discount when you pay for 6 month subscription or yearly subscription. Commercial pricing depends on size and/or how many stations you are requesting. Installation of doggie waste stations is free if you hire us for maintenance.
  • Can our dog/dogs be in the yard with you?
    We LOVE dogs! We are more than happy to do our job with them in the yard with us. We understand that most dogs are friendly but sometimes dogs may try to protect their home or they may feel in danger. If you think your dog may react this way, please keep them inside until services are complete. We text before we come so you have time to make sure they are inside.
  • How frequent do you come out?
    We come as often as you like! Weekly, bi-weekly, 2x weekly, 3x weekly. We offer one-time visits and special cleanings. If you want it, just ask! We are very flexible and here to make you happy.
  • What commercial services do we offer?
    We offer services to HOA's, Condos, Apartments and parks. We install and maintain pet waste stations and work closely with community managers to create and implement pet waste management strategies. We also can scoop the poop in the common areas to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the property. A bonus service: We do weekly or Bi-weekly Community Cleanups. We walk the property and collect trash/litter to keep up with the curb appeal. If there are any common area trash cans, we change out the bags.
Frequesntly asked questions for dog waste removal

Billing & Pricing

Find The Best Package For Your Budget- just submit a quote request and we can send options for you to choose from. 

Payments Accepted

We prefer autopay but we also accept card, Paypal, Venmo and check. 

Cancellation Policy

We are proud to offer services with NO CONTRACT but ask that you give us two weeks notice for cancellations. Our clients pay for the month in advance so cancellation is as simple as sending us an email or text. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are happy, we are happy! Please communicate any issues and we will be there to make it better. 

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